Land Degradation Neutrality: The Target Setting Programme

COP.12 defined Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) as “a state whereby the amount and quality of land resources necessary to support ecosystem functions and services and enhance food security remain stable or increase within specified temporal and spatial scales and ecosystems”. LDN is a simple idea and a powerful tool. At its core are better land management practices and better land use planning. At the UNCCD we are working to make the concept of LDN a reality by 2030, through a number of practical tools and guidance for Parties and other stakeholders. Our aim is to see the implementation of transformational projects gathering pace with tangible, positive changes on the ground, particularly in those countries that establish voluntary LDN targets.Through this programme the UNCCD’s operational arm - the Global Mechanism - is supporting countries in their national voluntary LDN target setting processes. 

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